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Registration is not possible using the hidden service (.onion) as it breaks the captcha
Please use the Main domain instead.

Techincal explanation

Using the hidden service address (.onion) routes your traffic through the TOR network. Normally when you use TOR, the last host (exit node) will send your packets to the destination you want to visit. calling will send your request through the TOR network, but at some point, it leaves the network and is sent to the bitmessage server over the internet. Using https instead of http will send it encrypted.
This way, our server sees IP of the last TOR node but not your IP address. From our servers view, everything is normal.
The captcha is loaded from the reCaptcha server via TOR too.
When you use a hidden service, your traffic never leaves the TOR network. Your connection is terminated at the TOR client on our server, so the IP it sees is localhost ( which refers to itself. This also works fine for the bitmessage server, but if you try to register an E-Mail address, the captcha is loaded from the reCaptcha server via a regular connection, so the reCaptcha server now sees a different IP address than our server and when we try to validate the captcha, it gets denied.

In simple terms, you are free to use TOR to register an address, but use the .ch domain instead of the .onion.